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Judges' Résumés 2014 SIWC

Aakash Singh Rathore (USA) First Term Panel Judge

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Dr Aakash Singh Rathore (USA)

Dr Aakash Singh Rathore, born in New York city, is a published academic, studied philosophy, law and political science in the UK, USA and Europe and has taught in these disciplines off and on over the past decade.

During his youth, Aakash’s father owned a small winery in Michigan, which set him on the road to understanding wine. During his time in Europe teaching and writing his doctoral dissertation in Belguim, he would travel to wineries. He also found time to acquire certification in enology at the University of Provence (Aix-en-Provence). From 2005-2008, he owned and operated a Nashik-based winery focused on the cultivation and production of Indian Zinfandel.

A regular contributor of wine-related articles to various publications including Cosmopolitan, Savvy, India today in addition to several other newspapers, magazines and blogs. Aakash was driven by the determination to be the first to write the complete story of India 's wine industry, warts and all. He authored the Complete Indian Wine Guide, published in 2006. Aakash 's mission was expensive, he had no writing advance and went, uninvited and unwelcome, in a taxi from one winery to another in Nashik, Pune, Sangli and Bangalore, bought two bottles of each label, and tasted each wine at least a couple of times to be able to form an unbiased opinion. He sees Indian wine industry growing and evolving, emerging long-term as the No. 2 zinfandel destination after California.

Regarded as one of the most important figures in the emerging Indian wine industry, Aakash also served as an advisor to the Indian Government in the creation of the Indian Grape Board, tasked with drafting and proposing legislation on the regulation of domestic wine labels and the eventual systematic formation of controlled name of origin appellations for Indian wines.

At present Aakash attempting to have his new course on the Philosophy of Wine accepted into the official University of Pennsylvania curriculum, where he currently teaches.

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