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Award Winning Wines, 2014  Competition
Click a Wine Style Category below, and wine by wine, the 2014 Award Winners therein will be displayed. Click the name of any particular wine in that list and the label, the Judge's comments, winery contact details and additional information about that wine will be revealed.

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Award Winning Wines for 2014
One of the main aims of this website is to help you choose wines that make for satisfying wine food pairings. In the main, the Award winning wines are listed below in Style Categories, as in "lighter, medium or fuller bodied dry white or dry red table wines". The Award winners have won their Awards when tasted with appropriate food of similar palate weight, rather than wines of only the same variety, which can vary so much in palate weight.

Once you have a clear idea of your intended food menu, listing the Award winners in Style Categories makes it much easier for you to choose appropriate wines. Furthermore, you will have the completely independent comments of six or more of the Competition's judges to help you make a decision. The judges are seldom unanimous in their opinions, but their combined scores determine the awards.

For the 2014 www.top100wines.com, we have not differentiated the four strata of award and trophy winners into separate lists. Within their Style Category we have listed them instead in alpha order by winery or brand name, and acknowledged their awards, including trophies, individually in their listings. After all, these award winners account for only the top 15%, the cream of the 2,000 entries we can accept for each annual Competition.

Since 2004, Sydney International Wine Competition has capped its entries at 2000. That's the maximum number of entries we can judge with peak efficiency, and thus fairness to our subscribers who rely on the results of this event, and the retailers and sommeliers who offer professional advice to their clients. There is not a poor wine amongst them.

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