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Award Winning Wines for » Fortified Wines
- From the 2018 Competition

Gonzalez Byass - Nectar Pedro Ximenez - NV Medal

Gold Award Winner

Wine label

Judges' Comments

Stuart Halliday
Rich and viscous, hint of volatility on the nose, with a slight rancio characteristic. Sweet and powerful, toffee and prune extract, lacks some freshness

Oliver Masters
Green orange brown, dried muscat and straw on nose, pure fine nutty palate. Good match but not enhanced by chocolate roulade

Sue Bastian
Dark brown with burnt gold rim. Prune and raisin. Very soft, round and sweet with raisins and butter. This match brings out lovely toffee notes.

Natasha Hughes
Very savoury style with developed aromas. Hard finish. Stale.

Corey Ryan
Dark grey and green hues, very sweet fish oil brooding characters, heavy chewy textural rounded – lacks freshness meaty. The food doesn’t help.

Matthew Deller
Deep mahogany, green olive tinged development. Complex, green olive, raisins, espresso, pecan, walnut. Unctuous, super dense, thick palate effortlessly balances high alcohol.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Fortified Wines

Grape Variety
- 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price

Alcohol 15% v/v

Sugar 370 g/ltr

Customer Relations Person
Peter Yeoman



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