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Award Winning Wines for » Medium Bodied Dry White Wines
- From the 2018 Competition

Howard Park - Howard Park Chardonnay - 2016 Medal

Gold Award Winner

Wine label

Judges' Comments

Kym Milne
Stone fruit aromas, some sweet oak. Elegant, nice mouth feel, rich but not heavy, with complex flavours and good length

Warren Gibson
Complex, some grapefruit. Moderate intensity. Nutty and intense palate. Rich and complex with the dish. An awesome match

Meg Brodtmann
Smoky, flinty aromas with some lovely floral notes. Honey toast, pineapple, oyster shell an interesting palate with crisp acid and oak as support. The oak seems more overt and a little overpowering with the fish.

Dr Ken Dobler
More restrained style with quince and cut pear aromas. Very savoury palate which shows those pear like flavours, the savoury quality of the wine pairs well with food.

Brent Marris
Light elegant nose. Tropical with hints of citrus. Lacking real depth. Firm acid and tannin on finish. Wine is better with the fish as it gives it better balance.

Ying Tan
Spicy, floral oaky nose. Med-bodied, oak dominated lightly herbal floral mid-palate. Dry floral finish. Med-length. Snapper teased out some mineral savoury character through the oak


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Medium Bodied Dry White Wines

Grape Variety
- 100%

Geo Indicator or Region
Western Australia

Typical Retail Price

Alcohol 12.7% v/v

Sugar NIL g/ltr

Customer Relations Person
Penny Taylor



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