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Award Winning Wines for » Lighter Bodied Dry White Wines
- From the 2018 Competition

Clairault | Streicker Wines - Clairault Margaret River Sauvignon Blanc Semillon - 2017 Medal

BLUE-GOLD Award Winner
and one of the
TOP 1OO Wines of the Competition

Wine label

Judges' Comments

Warren Gibson
A greener style. Fresh herbal notes. Quite lean and tart and ungiving. Dry with the dish. Slightly mean and hard.

Meg Brodtmann
Pure pungent Sauvignon blanc nose – cut grass, asparagus, gooseberry and lemon juice. The palate reflects the nose with lots of cut grass and tight acid. Lovely fresh style. Not a good match at all – the chocolate makes the wine appear quite bitter. Without the chocolate, the celeriac’s saltiness makes the wine lose its tight structure.

Dr Ken Dobler
Very light straw colour. Intense varietal nose with aromas of fresh cut grass and fresh herbs supported by some more fruit influences of passionfruit. Strongly varietal palate with a pleasing herbal, mineral edge and an exceptional length of flavour.

Brent Marris
Green herbal dusty cane nose following through to the palate. Good acid balance with the green herbal character going right through the palate. Crunchy acid with the stalkiness of ripe canes evident. The Celeriac dish adds to the green stalky acid that is in the wine. Finishes crisp and clean.

Ying Tan
Typical grassy, herbal gooseberry Sauvignon Blanc nose. Light, dry, high acid freshness, grassy herbal, mid-palate concentration. Dry, herbal, grassy finish. Long.

Sue Bastian
Pale and shiny straw. Intense snow peas and herbs and passionfruit. Lovely nose. Bursting with these flavours on the palate balanced with a fine chalky acid with sustained length. This is a good match which mutually enhances the wine and food.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Lighter Bodied Dry White Wines

Grape Varieties
1. Sauvignon Blanc - 69%
2. Semillon - 31%

Geo Indicator or Region
1. Margaret River
2. Margaret River

Typical Retail Price

Alcohol 12.7% v/v

Sugar NIL g/ltr

Customer Relations Person
Katie Masters



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