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Award Winning Wines for » Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines
- From the 2003 Competition

- Kumkani Shiraz 2001 - Medal

Blue-Gold Award Winner

Label image

Judges' Comments


Intense blackcurrant lifted fruit nose. Great nose and charry oak. Palate, a nice fruit richness. Well balanced fruit driven style with fleshy supporting tannins.


Lovely complex chocolate violet aromas with well judged oak. Very fresh palate. Lovely elegant texture and flavours. Palate hugging richness. Very long, savoury finish. A lovely wine and it makes an excellent match with the food.


Lovely lifted aromas. Slight gaminess. Spicy. Lovely acid. Firm tannins. Great depth of flavour. It was a great match as the gaminess combined in well with the food. The tannins stayed firm and the flavours lingered.


Some herbal, olive characters. Red berries. There’s a solid backing of oak with some firm tannins. Reasonable length. The herbal, olive flavours in the wine work well with the dish and the tannins soften quite nicely.


Smoky, overlaid bright fruit. Full wine but not fat. Drying without any bitterness.


Some lifted raspberry and dark cherry fragrances and flavours. Quite firm on the finish with some redcurrant flavours sticking through. It lacked concentration of fruit when tasted with food and was still very firm on the finish.


Wine has high acidity and no fruit. Not balanced. Harsh tannins. The acidity of the wine and the absence of fruit in it makes a bad match. The food keeps its identity and the wine loses his.


Very strong, pungent fruit with confectionary vanillin. The game flavours are working here with the very young wine. It gives a sweetness to the food. It’s a good combination. Both are winners.


A big vanillin nose. Probably Shiraz. Big, soft, tannic palate. Tannic but gentle. It’s ripe, not very complex but a very pleasant wine which copes with this dish. Not great with the dish but okay. The dish probably needs a slightly bigger wine than this one.


Ripe cassis notes on the nose along with redcurrant tones. The fruit is more restrained on the palate and some nice oak is detected. Quite tannic. Can detect the redcurrant notes at the end. Wine lifts the food almost. Cannot detect the oak through the food.


Tangy wild berry fruit that melds into a minty, milk chocolate finish. The tannins are a bit gritty at the moment and threaten to cut the finish short. With the pie, the finish is a bit shorter and grittier than one would like.


Nice mocha oak notes. Very tarry smokiness. Nice juicy fruits and dusty tannins. Oak tannins on the finish. A touch too sweet and oaky for the food.


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Country Of Origin
South Africa

Wine Style
Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines

Grape Variety
Stellenbosch Shiraz 100% - 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price
AUD$R65.00 (CD)

Alcohol 14% v/v

Customer Relations Person
Mike Moore

His/Her Telephone
+27 21 881 3870


+27 21 881 3102


Images from the Competition
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