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Award Winning Wines for » Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines
- From the 2003 Competition

- Normans Old Vine Shiraz 2001 - Medal

BLUE-GOLD Award Winner
and one of the
TOP 1OO Wines of the Competition

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Judges' Comments


Beautifully balanced wine. Succulence and some attractive redcurrant flavours. With food, those flavours came out tremendously. On the finish, it was long and juicy. Nice balance between fruit acidity and tannins.


Sweet clean fruit. Lighter bodied, charry fruit style but very well balanced. Appealing. Great structure. Great food wine.


Very youthful, up front, spicy red fruit aromas. Elegant, cool, spicy flavours. Balance with a lovely, clean, fleshy texture. The elegance of the wine cuts through the food richness. The savoury flavours are sent well to the fore. Makes a lovely match.


Cherry-Aid and cassis notes. Hint dusty, jammy as well. Palate similar, with juicy fruit flavours coming through. Dusty jammy notes still evident with the food which holds up well. Tannins restrained. The combination works well.


A slightly lighter, elegant, perhaps slightly less ripe but raspberry, minty elegance here. Quite a reasonable food style if a trifle less ripe in the fruit department than we would consider ideal. It is in fact a well proportioned wine on the palate. It has a lot of appeal and it goes pretty well with the food.


Bright berry fruit nose. Lovely freshness. Clean, sweet palate. Reasonably simple mid palate. Finishes with tannin and a bit of acid. Greens are lingering with the pie. Acid is obvious. Simple fruit driven palate but it works with the dish.


Some herbal, slightly green notes here. Some spice. Olives. A slightly curious character. There’s a little fish oil hint. A slight green character, not particularly attractive. A little bit hard on the finish. Those green hard characters were never going to help this sort of match.


Hint of herbs behind bright fruit. Medium extract. A slight dip in the mid palate but it finished well. It wasn’t hard. It became sweeter and more harmonious with the dish.


Good fruit. Fleshy wine. Good level of acidity. Soft tannins. With food, here is a situation where no-one wins. The dish and the wine stay in their position. The consumer get two pleasures instead of one.


The herbal, peppery, red raspberry flavours are attractive at the start but end suspiciously grippy and green. The pie brings out exactly those characteristics.


Very spicy and aromatic. Probably a cool climate wine. Some aggression between the tannin and the acid of the wine and the dryness of the roo.


Blueberry, blackberry pure fruits. Vanilla underneath this. Quite sound. Round, soft, sappy fruits with lowish, or at least in balance acids and fine tannin. Very fruity, pure, soft wine. Easy drinking on its own. Surprisingly good with the ‘roo. The wine becomes finer, sappier and better structured with the food.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines

Grape Variety
48% McLaren Vale Shiraz, 52% Strathbogie Ranges Shiraz - 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price
AUD$25.00 (TRP)

Alcohol 14% v/v

Customer Relations Person
David Cumming

His/Her Telephone
+ 61 8 8383 5555


+61 8 8383 5551


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