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Award Winning Wines for » Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines
- From the 2003 Competition

- Peter Lehmann Mentor 1998 - Medal

Blue-Gold Award Winner

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Judges' Comments


Rich savoury nose with well judged oak. Full, rich textured palate with excellent follow through. This makes a superb match with the food.


Medium to cherry notes on the nose with a hint of rhubarb. Palate is open and shows these fruits. Some delicate fruit flavours come out as does the tannin.


Jammy, juicy, red cherry and raspberry. Milk chocolate finish that is impressively smooth for the intensity of the wine. Nice, spicy, chewy notes emerge with the pie and whilst it still needs time to evolve, a milk chocolate smoothness does ultimately emerge.


Slightly green, herbal notes on the nose. Medium intensity of fruit. The tannins are quite strong. Worked well with the dish but the meat seems to dominate the fruit and the tannins are a little hard.


Some coffee grind characters. Some mocha hints. It’s quite ripe, nice, soft and attractive. Perhaps more mid weight than huge. There’s some nice sweet fruit focused on the palate. Perhaps a little query over the intensity. As a match, it was fair but it needed that extra little bit of intensity to really lift it.


Big wine but not too rough. Herbal edge to the fruit. It was a sort of blackcurrant, herbal edge. Some drying tannins but enough stuffing in the middle to cope with this.


Some restrained redcurrant and plum characters. Quite juicy with reasonable tannins. Unfortunately, even though when tasted by itself the tannins were fine, they did prove to be too big on the finish with food.


Delicate structure. Full flavour. Good fruit. Soft tannins. A good match. The wine just caressed the flavours in the food. A good result. Very pleasing.


Lighter Cabernet fruit. Lighter palate. Relatively soft tannins. The weight and fabric of the pie helped the wine, but the green fruit of this young vine still comes through. It doesn’t work.


A bit older from the bouquet. Some jamminess. Slightly inky. There’s a hint of sump oil and some spice as well. Jammy fruit on the palate. Concentrated but not really porty. It just avoids being porty. Fine drying tannins on the finish. It’s okay with the food but not brilliant. Good wine though.


Slight herbal, medicinal nose. Palate is herbal also. Some very ripe fruit character, but the palate falls away slightly.


Complex, herbal, black fruit characters on the nose and the palate. Dry, dusty tannins. Slightly out of balance here. Wine too powerful for this dish at this point in time. Chunky tannins smash it pretty badly. It needs some juicy acidity. Maybe with age it will be better.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines

Grape Variety
Barossa Valley 100%, Cabernet Sauvignon 70% Malbec 15% Shiraz 15% - 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price
AUD$40.00 (TRP)

Alcohol 13.5% v/v

Customer Relations Person
Kath Newland

His/Her Telephone
+61 8 8563 2500


+61 8 8563 3402


Images from the Competition
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