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Award Winning Wines for » Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines
- From the 2003 Competition

- Maxwell Ellen Street Shiraz 2000 - Medal

BLUE-GOLD Award Winner
and one of the
TOP 1OO Wines of the Competition

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Judges' Comments


Slight full fruity nose. Bright floral characters. A hint of fruit sweetness. Great depth of flavour. Bright wild cherry characters. It worked well with the pie. The wine had greater balance and lifted fruit. Excellent match.


Good vibrant fruit. Vanilla and blackberry characters. Quite juicy in the mouth. Lingering and soft but it still had plenty of body.


The wine has a fresh mouth. Raspberries, blackcurrant. Good tannins. It’s a good match. The fruity aspect of the wine combines to make a better ensemble. Great.


Some earthy rural characters. Red berries. It’s quite focused mid length and a bit grippy on the finish. Wine and food went well together but both seemed to fall away a little sooner than expected.


Minty, cherry and cassis notes on the nose. Follow onto the palate with warm cherry and redcurrant fruit gum texture. Minty cherry notes still very evident. Tannins less so. Interesting that the wine dominates the food here.


Some lifted, plummy, spicy oak characters. Attractive silky texture and even some succulence on the finish. Better with food, especially the flavours in the mid palate without that plumminess. Initially the wine was much more moderate on the finish, but there was a tannin whack at the finish which detracted a little bit.


A touch of oyster shell, clean berry character. Palate of blackcurrants, ripe lovely berry fruit. Chocolaty richness. Complex, lovely wine without food, even better with food.


Wild red plum and cherry flavours dominate. Vibrant, spicy red character. Very pretty floral notes add to a milk chocolaty finish. This is a delicious wine. Seamlessly put together and with the stew, this balance is only highlighted. This is not the most intense wine of the category but it has great balance and an elegant intensity.


Creamy black cherry, berry, blueberry characters. Fairly lowish acids. Flat finish. Slightly dusty tannins. Sweet berry fruit driven. It’s a bit like eating raw kangaroo with berry ice-cream.


Cherries, mulberries, jam, integrated oak. The stringiness of the kangaroo structure is cleansing and then the wine stands separately. It’s sympathetic but the wine and the food are not working together.


Vegetal, pepper, spicy Shiraz. Probably a cooler grown Shiraz or from a cooler year. It’s a lighter, elegant wine with some good astringency. The wine has a trace of greenness which mars it a little bit. Quite sympathetic with this sort of dish. A reasonable success.


Ripe, sweet, fruited nose. Supple juicy palate. Very fruity on the palate with a long sweet fruit tail. Makes a very rich match with the food. One would certainly not want to do anything too energetic afterwards.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines

Grape Variety
McLaren Vale Shiraz 100% - 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price
AUD$29.00 (TRP)

Alcohol 14% v/v

Customer Relations Person
Mark Maxwell

His/Her Telephone
+61 8 8323 8200


+61 8 8323 8900


Images from the Competition
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