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Award Winning Wines for » Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines
- From the 2003 Competition

- Pioneer Old Vine Seventy One Cabernet Sauvignon 2000 - Medal

Blue-Gold Award Winner

Label image

Judges' Comments


Beautiful juicy wine full of fruit. Soft but generous tannins. Velvety and with good acidity. Excellent match with the food.


Shows integrated herbal, feral, liquorice, berry characters. Broad blackberries. Quite sappy fruit with vanilla warmth underneath this. Very broad, rich, fleshy wine with length and great balance. The wine is broad and creamy with food. Its saving grace is its core of sappy, juicy fruits. Great wine. Works well in the context of the ‘roo.


Some coffee bean, mocha, blackberry, plum pudding notes. Plenty of supporting oak. There’s liquorice liqueur cherry. It’s quite concentrated, it has very good length and some nice soft tannins just on the finish. This big rich style and the big rich flavours were always going to suit this style of food.


Rich, ripe nose. Very tannic palate. Round and ripe. A slightly tarry character on the mid palate. A hint of mustiness on the finish. Worked well with the dish. Sweet fruit came through. Tarry characters remained. A good match.


A big, firm number. Some cassis and plum characters. A little bit dry and chewy on the finish. With the food it was surprisingly good in the mid palate but a little bit grippy on the finish.


High, dry oak tannin over fruit. Good food/wine match of weight. Both can still stand alone. Not necessarily a complex integration. Individual components but a good wine.


Big, plummy, rich, ripe sort of nose. The palate is very sweet, rich and ripe. There’s a lot of concentration and muscle in this wine. It’s quite tannic on the finish. It had some class, some real elegance. A good, well balanced wine with delicious fruit flavours depending on its age. It’s nice, fresh and youthful. It was good with the dish too.


Very pleasing in attack. Full of fruit. Good fresh acidity. Tannins very silky. Long. Very good wine. A bit overwhelming for the dish.


Lifted berry and a touch savoury as well. Palate showed some greenness and acidity that did not match well with the food.


Concentrated berry aromas. Cassis dominant. Fruit is tight in this wine. Tannins are firm. Good structure and weight. Some delicate vegetal notes come out. This is a big wine. It seems to match the food quite well. Noticeable tannins come out as well.


Deep red raspberry fruit flavours with plenty of chocolate. Clumsy, dusty tannins end the wine a bit short. But with the pie, the fruit reappears, shines and the tannins soften in an impressive rebirth of the wine.


Very big meaty nose. Slightly musty palate and very big tannins. No match for the food.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Fuller Bodied Dry Red Wines

Grape Variety
Riverina Cabernet Sauvignon 100% - 100%

Geo Indicator or Region

Typical Retail Price
AUD$25.50 (CD)

Alcohol 14% v/v

Customer Relations Person
Les Worland

His/Her Telephone
+61 2 6966 9600


+61 2 6962 2888


Images from the Competition
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