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Award Winning Wines for » Dessert (Unfortified) Wines

From the 2018 Competition                                                                                                                                                          

  » Lake Chalice Wines - Lake Chalice Sweet Beak Late Harvest Riesling - 2015
  » Hunter's Wines - Hunter's Hukapapa™ Dessert Riesling - 2014
  » 'A Growers Touch' by MINO + CO - A GROWERS TOUCH BOTRYTIS SEMILLON - 2013
  » Berton Vineyards - Berton Vineyard Reserve Riverina Botrytis Semillon - 2016
  » De Bortoli Wines - Noble One - 2015
  » De Bortoli Wines - Noble One - 2014
  » Staete Landt Wine Company Ltd - Staete Landt State of Love Sweet Riesling - 2014
  » d'Arenberg - d'Arenberg The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana - 2015
Wine & Food Pairing
The Dessert (Unfortified) Wines Finalists were paired with this food:

Apple Tarte Tatin with Greek Yogurt and Almond

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Images from the Competition
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Shaw Vineyard Estate Shiraz

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