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The Aromatic Wines
were judged with Fennel with Tahini and Sumac


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As presented by Celebrity Chef MICHAEL MANNERS

8 serves


2 Fennel bulb quartered

2 tsp tahini

8 tbsp Greek yogurt


Robust, strong olive oil

Toasted sesame seeds

Fennel leaves

Method -

1. Cut the fennel bulbs into quarters. Place them into double Ziploc bags with olive oil, salt, and pepper.

2. Cook fennel sous-vide at 80C for 2 hours. Alternatively, braise the fennel low and slow in a pan.

3. Mix the tahini and Greek yogurt in a bowl. Toast the sesame seeds until they are slightly golden.

To Serve

1. Scoop 1 tbsp of tahini-yogurt mix onto the plate. Place the fennel in the middle and drizzle with the cooking liquid, and olive oil.

2. Sprinkle sumac, sesame seeds, and fennel leaves on top.

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