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The Pinot Noir Wines
were judged with Duck Breast with Beetroot Risotto


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As presented by Celebrity Chef MICHAEL MANNERS

Serves 14

Ingredients -

Duck breast

8 breast, sous-vide at 56C

Beetroot risotto -

10 beets, 4 diced, 6 juiced (800g juice)

100g olive oil

500g onion, minced

800g risotto rice

30g salt

1600g water in 100g increments

800g beets diced

800g beet juice in 100g increments

Onion crème -

10 onion, skin on, roast at 200 degrees

Olive oil

2 Lemons’ juice


Chiffonade fresh beet greens

Method -

1. In a baking tray, place the onions (skins on) with olive oil and salt and bake the at 200C for 30 minutes. Blend it with olive oil, lemon juice and salt until very smooth.

2. Juice 6 beetroots, or use a blender and water and strain the juice. Reserve 800g.

3. Dice 4 beetroot into 0,5 cm cubes. Reserve beetroot greens for garnish.

4. In a large pot, fry the onions in a generous amount of olive oil until they become translucent.

5. Add rice and salt.

6. Add water in 100g increments and continuously stir the rice. Add water in about 3 minutes.

7. When all water is finished, add all the diced beets and the juice in 100 g increments.

8. After adding the last beet juice part, finish the risotto with the onion crème.

9. Sous-vide duck breast at 58Cfor 60 minutes. Alternatively, fry the breasts skin side down for 3 minutes, and another 1 minute on the other side. Transfer it to 180C oven (skin side down) and bake for 10 minutes.

10. Thinly chop the beetroot greens.

11. Slice the duck breast diagonally and serve on a risotto bed.

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