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The Medium Bodied Dry Red Wines
were judged with Veal Rack on Potato Gratin with Mixed Mushroom Ragout


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As presented by Celebrity Chef MICHAEL MANNERS

6 serves


Veal rack  - Frenched and chined, allowing one chop per person
Veal or beef stock and seasonings, garlic, tarragon

1kg Mushrooms  - selection of field, button, swiss brown etc
4 Garlic cloves
Fresh tarragon to taste
Olive oil


To cook the veal, bring to room temperature and pre heat the oven to 180C.

Cut between each rib and insert a sliver of garlic and some fresh tarragon, season well and rub all over with oil.

Place veal on a rack (a cake cooling rack is ideal) add 200ml stock. 

Roast until internal temp reaches 60C, basting from time to time and insuring that there is always some liquid in the tray.  This should take about an hour.

Remove the veal from the oven and wrap in foil, and allow to rest.

To finish the sauce, deglaze the pan with stock and pour off, allow to stand to remove the fat.  Reheat adding tarragon and seasonings, finish with butter and strain into a serving jug.

While the veal is roasting, slice the mushrooms. 

Heat a pan, adding oil and butter add the sliced mushrooms, season, add garlic chopped, when almost cooked add the tarragon. 


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