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TO ASSIST STRUGGLING WINERIES. We are aware the wine industry, like a lot of other industries, is doing it tough. The GFC and the high dollar are inhibiting exports and limiting wine/food tourism. The smallmakers, often just a husband and wife partnership, are particularly vulnerable. The big wine retail juggernauts are still buying - at rock-bottom prices - but mainly from wineries who can supply in huge quantities, that enables the big chains to stock their hundreds of outlets. The big makers are happy to reduce their inventories, empty their tanks of surplus wines they would otherwise have little chance of selling. The juggernauts then offer these wines in many cases at lower than production cost prices. Meaning that Cellar Door sales for the smaller winemakers who can hardly afford to sell below cost of production and remain viable, have slowed to a trickle. With reduced turnover there is little if any budget left for essential marketing.

One of the few ways a smallmaker can elevate his wine from out of the pack is to win an award in a major wine competition. Cellar Door tourists are impressed by the Award but even more importantly so too are distributors, the small independent Retailers and the Restaurant wine buyers who are more inclined to stock a wine not offered by the juggernauts that has proven itself to be of superior quality in open competition. But even entering a major wine competition is too costly for many smallmakers.

In Australia alone, winemakers have over sixty Australian wine shows and hundreds of off shore wine shows which they can choose to enter. Our Wine Competition also needs to market itself effectively and, in that respect, social media, we are discovering, is an efficient marketing tool.
Click on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sydneyinternationalwinecompetition. There you will see the smiling faces of our 2012 Panel of Judges. (Details of the Competition's equally highly qualified 2013 Judging Panel are offered elsewhere in this e-Newsletter.) Underneath the photography, to the right of the Competition's name, is a box with the word [Liked]. If you value and find useful the services we offer in encouraging intelligent wine drinking and promoting our Award and Trophy winners via our website and other promotions, click the [Liked] box. That will enter you into the Free Entry Fees draw.


  • Click the [Liked] button once only.
  • Every winery that has clicked the [Liked] button on our Facebook page between now and June 30 (Sydney time) will be entered into the draw.
  • The draw will take place in the first week of July, 2012.
  • Justice of the Peace and Blue Mountains City Councillor Chris Van der Kley will perform the draw at the luxury Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa, where the Competition's Judges are accommodated during the judging week in October.
  • The five lucky winners will be entitled to enter two of their wines into the 2013 Sydney International Wine Competition free of charge.
  • Nothing to lose. If either or both of their wines wins an Award, they are then subject to the same Conditions as all Award winner. If not, there is nothing to lose except the value of the judging samples and the usual costs of delivery.
  • It is unnecessary for wineries entering the draw to enter the Competition before they know the results of the draw, but they may do so if they wish. If you are a lucky winner of the draw, Entry Fees for two of the entered wines will be refunded.

Although we encourage all wineries to enter, we hope small wineries, in particular, who would not otherwise consider entering an international wine competition, will be encouraged to do so.

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