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  Wednesday, 29 August, 2012

Closing Date - Entries Cap
There are 428 entries available before the 2,000 Entries Cap is exceeded and entries close.

Enter on line HERE

Up Date
Number of entrants is up but the number of entries per entrant is down. There are still signs of financial distress in the industry following the unprofitable surpluses of the previous two vintages, currency disadvantage affecting export sales and supermarket specials affecting cellar door traffic. Nevertheless, there is little dispute that a well regarded, well recognised ”Judged with Food” award medallion on a bottle offers a significant. marketing advantage - at minimal cost.

Questions & Answers
Edy’s Question:
Could you please let me know who the judges for the upcoming 2013 competition are?
I can’t find this in your website. Thanks. Edy, Sydney
Warren’s Answer:
Sure, Edy. Here is our Judging Panel for the 2013 Competition. Click the links to bring up the Judge’s CV’s. Note, our US Judges and Tom’s - all four first timers with our Panel - their CVs will appear on our 2013 website. The background info offered for them below comes straight from the web.



Kym Milne MW  (Chief Judge)

Adrian Atkinson (UK)

Meg Brodtmann MW

Warren Gibson (NZ)

Ken Dobler

Xenia Irwin MW  (UK)

Steve Flamsteed

Marian Jansen op de Haar (USA)

Mark Robertson

Brent Marris (NZ)

Tom Hogan (Reserve Judge in training)

Oliver Masters (NZ)


Elizabeth Thach MW (USA)


Wilfred Wong (USA)

Meet the Judges
The Judges Farewell Dinner is open to all winelovers. A four course Dinner plus Aperitif with be held in Darley’s magnificent Dining Room, Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa. Iconic wines are served blind with each course. After each course, the Judges are “invited” to speak to the wines, which is informative, and always great fun.

Date: Thursday, 18 October 2012.
Time: 7.00pm, with time to meet and mingle with the Judges over the Aperitif before dining commences.
Venue: Darley’s at Lilianfels, Lilianfels Avenue, Katoomba, NSW.
Parking: Ample free parking on site.
Dress: Lounge Suite
Tickets: $210 per Diner.
$195 per Diner Early Bird Bookings - must be before 14 September.
All Bookings or further information - Phone 02 4757 4400. OR
email OR Use secure on-line Card payment facility available here.
Luxury: Spoil yourselves. Book into for the Thursday night - or the weekend.

Questions & Answers continued
Laura’s Question:
On behalf of our local Winemakers’ Committee, we are interested in judging Verdelho wines with food. Would you be able to explain how, logistically you do the food and wine judging?
And if there are any other tips or suggestions of things that you've learnt along the way... As a volunteer organisation its always sensible not to 're-invent the wheel'. Thank you so much.
Warren’s Answer:
Dear Laura, Pleased to help. Most of the information you seek is already on the website. Have a browse through these links, I would suggest, in the order listed.

One of the problems associated with judging a single variety with a view to helping consumers match it to best effect with food is that just about any given variety can present in different styles, depending on soil type, viticultural decisions, climatic conditions preceding and at vintage, perhaps most of all on winemaking decisions. In general, the problems associated with judging a single variety with appropriate food is its provenance - what went on before it reaches the diner’s palate.

Feed back invited. Lets talk again soon!

Warren Mason, Competition Director

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