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2017 Steward's Brief                                                                                                         


(To be judged 9th-14th October 2016)


Conveners - Brett & Michaela Ling

Chief Steward - Brett Ling

Chief Steward will take overall responsibility for the efficient conduct of the Competition and in the main, will work through the Chief Judge and the General Manager (GM).

There are several specific areas of Steward responsibility.

Each area has a Team Captain.
A draft allocation of Stewards to the various areas of responsibility will be made by the Chief Steward. Final allocation of Stewards to the several Captains’ areas of responsibility will be made prior to the first day of judging. Stewards may be moved from one team to another as activity demands during the five days of judging. In practice, this will mainly be the responsibility of the General Manager (GM) who will work with the Team Captains. Team Captains will follow the directions of the GM. Stewards will follow the directions of their Team Captain.

Paul Eastment, General Manager
The General Manager (GM) will liaise with all Team Captains to ensure the smooth transition of the judging process. The General Manager (GM) carries the authority of the Chief Steward. Prior to the commencement of judging, the GM will be responsible for the logical, easy-to-find placement of judging samples in the SIWC’s on-site storage facility and the creation of the First Phase Judging Schedules.

Brett Ling, IT Captain.
The IT Captain will prepare the Judges’ judging sheets, record the First Phase finalists as reported by the Pouring Team Captain, record results of the Intermediate Phase sorting into Style Categories, creation of the Finals Phase Judging Schedules and recording of the Finals Phase Judging marks from the Judges’ Score Sheets. The IT Captain will assist the GM, if and as required.

Erik Stenstrom, Storage Team Captain
Responsible for the locating and error-free numbering of every individual sample bottle and Bracket by Bracket, the marking of each carton in readiness for their transfer by the Logistics Team to the Pouring Team Captain, according to the sequences of the Judging Schedule. The numbering of the samples for the first morning’s judging will be done by the GM before judging commences. Storage Team is responsible for the rapid location and delivery to the Logistics Team of any “new bottle” repour requests from the Pouring Team Captain. Storage Team Captain is also responsible for organising and coordinating the tables, identifying, the “making blind disclosing of identity placing of bottles for the Judges Intermediate Phase classification of wines into Style Categories.

TBA, Logistics Team Captain
Responsible for bringing the judging stock forward in the order required by the Pouring Team Captain, the retrieval of re-pour bottles from the Storage Team in identifiable form and delivery to the Pouring Team Captain, removal from the Pouring Team Captain’s area of the no-longer required judging samples to the Re-cycling Team. Removal of cartons of empty bottles from the Recycling Team and the neatly stacked placement of same in the Northern Recycle compound.

Paul Eastment, Pouring Team Captain
The Pouring Team Captain is responsible for delivering to the Service Team clearly identified judging samples to facilitate correct placement by the Service Team onto the correct squares of the Judges’ tasting mats. The Service Team will report Judges’ requests for repours or new bottles to the Pouring Team Captain who will call on the Logistics Team for same to be delivered to him. The Pouring Team Captain is also responsible for collating the Panel Judges’ (and Convener’s, if any) “not in common” First Phase selections and the pouring and renumbering of these samples for the Service Team Captain. Similarly, the Pouring Team Captain will action the pouring of the wines selected for the Finals Phase Style Category judging.

Lisa Norville, Stemware Coordination Captain
Responsible for a constant supply of clean, cool, dry supply of tasting glass stemware for the Pouring Team Captain.

Michaela Ling, Service Team Captain
This team has the primary responsibility of ensuring the correct placing of every judging sample onto the correct square of each Judge’s wine-tasting mat. Also, the placing of the judging-with-food plates, the placing and removal of stemware. Flatware, cutlery from the judges’ tables, and cleaning of the Judges’ tasting mats and tables at the conclusion of each bracket, replenishment of water bottles, emptying of crachoirs etc. The Service Team will dress in black and whites and, in particular, wear soft soled footwear.

TBA, Transport & Recycling Captain
Brett Ling will be the Competition’s driver, collecting and delivering Judges between venues.

TBA is in charge of the Re-Cycling Area, dealing with the no longer required opened judging samples, neat packing for disposal to the northern compound of cartons of empty bottles and other waste, with the movement of same by the Logistics team upon TBA’s direction.

Kathryne MacPherson, Kitchen Team Captain
Responsible for providing Breakfast and Dinner foods for the Lodge, directing the Kitchen Brigade in the preparation and presentation of Buffet Luncheons, including clean-ups.

Michael Manners, Celebrity Chef (CC)
CC creates the dishes for the Competition’s “judging with food” thirteen Wine “Style” Categories, directs their preparation and presentation according to the timings required by the Judging Panels’ Chairpersons.


Here are a few details (the standard brief), in no particular order of importance, of what we expect of you/what you can expect of us.

a) Judging takes place at “Birdland”, the Competition’s Headquarters, “Birdland”, 47 Somme Ave, Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains NSW.

b) Transport to and from “Birdland” is the Stewards own responsibility. Competition provides Stewards accommodation Sunday through Thursday nights.

c) Sunday eve until Friday am (we check out by 10.00am), Stewards’ accommodation will be at “Llandrindod”, a large, fully-equipped Holiday Villa about 5kms away from “Birdland”. Unlike a formal hotel or motel, “Llandrindod” is an “open plan” residence and noise can be heard throughout. By 10.00 pm, resident Stewards will respect the rights of other members of the team who may wish to retire early and expect/require quietness.

d) Stewards report to “Birdland” at 4.00pm on Sunday October 9th to meet/greet/reunite, set up “Birdland” for the Monday (first day of judging), to dine together at Birdland. For a fair system of allocating rooms/beds at “Llandrindod”, the GM carries the authority of the Chief Steward

e) Competition supplies Stewards with Breakfast & Dinner foods and Stewards. All pitch in, work out a roster re prep, cooking, service and clean ups. GM will coordinate. Most Stewards have worked the judging on several occasions so they are thoroughly familiar and reasonable with this routine.

f) If required, Lady Stewards will be roomed together at “Llandrindod”.

g) Stewards’ lunches are provided at “Birdland” and Stewards take lunch in sequence, in small groups, as co-ordinated by the Team Captains, between wine brackets and related duties.

h) All stewards will dress “smart casual” with special dress requirements (Black and Whites) for the Pouring Captain’s Team

i) Stewards will identify each judging sample carefully but give no more attention to a particular wine than necessary to identify it accurately for judging purposes. Discussing a wine’s provenance is not part of any Steward’s Brief. In general, Stewards will not initiate conversations with Judges during working hours.

j) Drinking or tasting during work sessions is not permitted. Failure to adhere to this requirement will likely involve dismissal from the Stewards Panel and expulsion from Steward’s accommodation.

k) No set hours. All Stewards are required to be available from first call Monday to last call Friday unless agreeable alternatives are arranged in advance.

l) Stewards hours are flexible based on work requirements and demands: Monday Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the busiest days, e.g. 8.00am to 5.00pm. Thursday and Friday – the “judging-finalists-alongside-appropriate-food” days – fewer wines are judged and the judges take longer, meaning less activity for most of the Stewards team.

m) Some Stewards may be discharged prior to Friday afternoon. Generally, due to decreased work load on the Thursday and Friday, some Stewards will be discharged at the conclusion of work on Wednesday or Thursday. Where possible, they will be given early advice. They will usually be invited to stay on at “Llandrindod” if they wish, participate in dining – and housekeeping duties - enjoy the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains attractions in their free time, up until the Competition is required to vacate “Llandrindod” on the Friday morning.

n) All judging concludes Friday afternoon, October 14th and, after tidy- up duties, putting judging equipment back into storage and Birdland’s furnishings back together, Stewards will have usually completed all their duties and be discharged between 3.00pm and 4.00pm.

o) Stewards’ remuneration for the five days is per full day worked. Team Captains’ remuneration will be higher, related to the level of responsibility. Tax File Numbers will required. Remuneration may be taken in part or in full in wine, subject to availability. Payment in wine will be organised by the GM and subject to the wine being collected on the day. Subsequent collection (or delivery) must be arranged within the following week and will be to Steward’s own account.

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