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Competition's Aims and Objectives                                                                                                         


1.      One of the main aims of the Competition is to offer consumers independent information to help in their choice of wines more likely to enhance the pleasures of the daily dining experience and, by so doing, to add enjoyment and contentment to their everyday lives. This is the main service the Competition offers.

2.      Food comes in a myriad of flavours and textures, at many temperatures - both in Celsius - and spice. Wines, too, offer many flavours and styles. Wine can enhance the dining experience by adding complementary flavours to the food that cannot be added in the cooking or preparation process.

3.      There is little organised food-related information available to the average consumer to help him/her know which wine to choose to complement a given dish. Chosen without discernment, wine becomes merely another alcoholic beverage.

4.      Most wine competitions stop at judging wine quality. Since it's inception in 1982, this Competition has gone beyond that, seeking out wines of highest quality that go well with food, with judges’ comments as to why they believe this to be so*, and placing the best wines into thirteen easy to understand wine styles, sufficient to meet most dining requirements. (*There is certainly room for a judge's dissent.)

5.      The choice of wine that will provide greatest satisfaction in combination with a given dish will always be a matter of purely personal sensory preference and the Competition has neither aim nor intention to tell anyone "you should drink this with that".

6.      Each year, the Award winning wines of the Competition are promoted through the Competition’s website, press releases, promotional events and through the Sydney Awards Wine Tasting Exhibition (open to members of the public).

7.      The Competition offers wine buyers important information to supplement that appearing on the wine's label (and other sources) to help diners make that choice through:

o      the style classifications, which offer an indication of each wine's relative "weight" or palate impact/intensity;

o      the opportunity for a consumer to taste the Award winning wines and record his/her own impressions;

o      the comments and descriptions on each wine by the Competition's experienced and highly qualified international panel of wine-judges;

o      the assurance that, technically, every one of the TOP 1OO wines is of high quality by international standards, in the collective opinion of the panel.

These days, wines from most wine producing country are widely distributed to the world's markets. For today's wine consumer, choice is everywhere. Why pay $50.00 for Chablis when an Orange (a nearby high altitude NSW vignoble) or Russian River Chardonnay may meet the quality and style requirements of the dish for a half the price? Knowing how to intelligently take advantage of this vast choice is the key to greater wine-drinking pleasure and satisfaction. Wherever wines are available and enjoyed, the information emanating from the Sydney International Wine Competition will be useful and relevant.


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