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The little wine tasting buff logo and the style TOP 1OO, always written as five uppercase letters and the numeral "1" as the fourth character, BLUE-GOLD and HIGHLY COMMENDED, are the Competition's registered trade marks and may not be reproduced without the Competition's written permission.

By maintaining the integrity of the trademarks, wines carrying the Sydney International Wine Competition's bottle medallions, indicating that the wine has won an Award at this Competition in the nominated year, are easily recognisable.

The Competition is unique amongst the major internationals in that its Award winners have won their Award when judged alongside appropriate food.

Judging with food tends to favour wines which are balanced and harmonious, acid, oak and tannin in concordance, in other words, wines that are enjoyable to drink with food. These are qualities that most winelovers seek in their choice of wines. The trademark is well regarded by consumers, wine retailers and wine marketers alike.

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Robert Oatley Signature Series McLaren Vale Shiraz

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