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Award Winning Wines for » Aromatic Wines - From the 2018 Competition

d'Arenberg - d'Arenberg The Dry Dam Riesling - 2010 Medal

BLUE-GOLD Award Winner
and one of the
TOP 1OO Wines of the Competition

Wine label

Judges' Comments

Kym Milne
Complex lime, candied lemon, and floral spice. Beginnings of toasty bottle aged notes, complex Riesling flavours, very long. Delicious with this food

Warren Gibson
Bottle age showing. Fresh and complex. Toasty, rich and flavoursome. An excellent match with the dish. Long and savoury.

Meg Brodtmann
The nose shows some toasty development and a touch of kerosene with lime zest. Some residual sugar which is balanced by the acid. Still lots of lime zest and lime juice cordial mixed with kerosene and toast. The olive oil overpowers the beauty of this wine. The dish could work but with less olive oil.

Dr Ken Dobler
Pale straw yellow. Lovely toasty aromas on the nose, supported by some developed citrus undertones. Lovely medium sweet palate with complex yeasty flavours and a hint of balanced residual sugar.

Brent Marris
Slight toasty nose. Slight floral characters but heading more towards dry straw and nuttiness. Well balanced with great length. Fennel dish works really well as the nutty notes run through the entire palate with both the food and wine.

Ying Tan
Oily, floral, herbal nose. Med-bodied, citric, lime tinged oily floral lightly grapey fruit. Dry finish. Fennel with Tahini and Sumac: very nice point up of the sweetness of fruit and counterbalancing acidity.

Sue Bastian
Pale yellow straw with green flashes. Med-hi intensity, lime juice intense fruit on palate, mouth watering and refreshing. Well balanced. The citrus notes of the wine pairs well with the aniseed of the fennel.


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Country Of Origin

Wine Style
Aromatic Wines

Grape Variety
- 100%

Geo Indicator or Region
McLaren Vale

Typical Retail Price

Alcohol 11.5% v/v

Sugar 8.5 g/ltr

Customer Relations Person
Clare Findlay



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