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Judges' Résumés 2018 SIWC

Dr Sue Bastian (SA). Fourth Time Panellist.

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Dr Sue Bastian (SA)

Dr Sue Bastian gained a B.Sc. Hons, PhD in Biochemistry and Postgraduate Diploma in Oenology at The University of Adelaide and is Associate Professor in oenology and sensory studies and manager of the Sensory Research Facility at the University of Adelaide where she has conducted research and been a wine educator for over a decade.

Her initial interest in wine and sensory science was stimulated by her teetotaller parents and her study of biochemistry, cell biology, psychology and physiology. Sue previously worked as a senior scientist investigating milk proteins for health and disease.

Sue trains oenology, viticulture, wine business course work and PhD students. She conducts food and beverage industry sensory training and has completed the AWRI advanced wine assessment course, associate judged at a number of Australian wine shows including the Royal Sydney Wine Show, Rutherglen, Adelaide Hills and Inland Irrigated wines shows. She has a small wine making business in the Adelaide Hills.

Wine, food and consumers are at the core of Sue’s research interests which include:
1. Defining mechanisms of astringency perception, cellular interaction and cerebral activation;
2. Wine and food consumer emotions, preference and behaviour;
3. The influence of context on sensory perception;
4. Characterisation of viticulture practices and oenological processing effects on grape and wine sensory attributes and quality;
5. Grape and wine tannins in gut disease and wound healing;
6. Regional characteristics of Australian grapes and wine, and
7. Grape berry cell death and flavour development.

Sue has written numerous scientifically, peer reviewed publications on oenology, sensory and consumer science and is currently co-authoring her first book on wine sensory evaluation and developing wine business and consumer educational material on Australian wine in Mandarin for electronic resources.

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