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Award Winning Wines from the 2016 Competition

To allow wine lovers to order before Christmas, the 2016 Award winning wines can be seen below.

Full details of the wines, judging notes, matching dishes etc will be available in the New Year.

In the interim, if you click on the wines you will be taken to the wineries website.

One of the main aims of this website is to help you choose wines that make for satisfying wine food

pairings. The Award winning wines are listed below in Style Categories, as in "lighter, medium or

fuller bodied dry white or dry red table wines". The Award winners have won their Awards when tasted

with appropriate food of similar palate weight, rather than wines of only the same variety, which

can vary so much in palate weight.

The award winners for each style category account for only the top 15%, the cream of the maximum

2,000 entries we can accept for each annual Competition. No matter whether they have been awarded

a TOP1OO/Blue Gold, Blue Gold, or Gold they are excellent wines.

The judges are seldom unanimous in their opinions, but their combined scores determine the awards.

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